30 May 2011


"Alongside Steve Hodson’s many ongoing projects (not least the mighty Kong), he is also part of Chandelier Swing, a quartet that seem to be camped in and around the Chorley area. Like much of Hodson’s heavy, eclectic tastes, the band veer to the denser side of rock, but with some very respectable lo-fi qualities. “Drip Drench Drown” is a unique distillation of sub-math scratches and simple Superchunk era, American underground alt.indie. The eloquently titled “Thank Fuck” barges out of the speaker more rudely, the big clangs of guitar motoring along to a similar theme, but with a pleasantly off-kilter swaying attack. Hodson shares vocal duties with Lewis Herd (who matches his guitar with that of Adam Hartley and the drums of Michael Whalley). Chandelier Swing keep their songs within a punk inspired 3 minute limit, ensuring “Prescribing Drink” hits with the right impact with a coarse, attention grabbing new wave style. “Polksd” is led by Hodon’s bass, as they meddle with the arithmetic of their rhythms, before stomping into a rousing sonic finale. Sharp, loose limbed rock from the rolling plains of Lancashire."

cheers manchester music!

19 April 2011

new ep

on our bandcamp page

we recorded it tonight.

download it for nowt now.

6 April 2011

first show

saturday 11th june - mad ferret - preston - with talons